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"Oh, that bit goes there! I think I was looking at it upside-down. It could be a Muggle camera. I wonder if Laura took any pictures before it was broken? We should send this to Myra."
Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]

Laura Thorn owned a digital camera that she took with her to Wales to investigate a sighting of a 50-foot-long creature that attacked a fisherman in a lake.[1]

She left it in the lakeside grotto when she dove into the lake to try and see the creature. Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner later found the camera and magically repaired it. It was sent to Myra Curio in the Muggle Liaison Office (who called it "fascinating, even though the photos do look a bit… static") for analysis. She only managed to recover a single photograph, of a pale, green tentacle.[1]


Notes and references

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