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"There are strange things going on all over the city. The people behind it are not like you and me."
—Langdon Shaw[src]

Langdon Shaw was an American No-Maj who lived in the early 20th century. He was the younger son of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Senior.[1][2]

While his older brother, the senator Henry Shaw Junior, was Shaw Snr's pride and joy, Langdon was viewed as something of a failure and disappointment.[2] This did not stop him from constantly trying to seek his father's approval.[2]

In 1926, Langdon told his father of his belief that "strange things [were] going on all over" New York and that the people behind these incidents were "not like [them]," certain that he was giving him the scoop of the century.[2] His father and brother both dismissed his claims out of hand.[2]

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