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"There are strange things going on all over the city. The people behind it are not like you and me."
—Langdon Shaw[src]

Langdon Shaw was an American No-Maj who lived in the early 20th century. He was the younger son of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Senior.[1][2]

While his older brother, the senator Henry Shaw Junior, was Shaw Snr's pride and joy, Langdon was viewed as something of a failure and disappointment.[2] This did not stop him from constantly trying to seek his father's approval.[2]

In 1926, Langdon brought Mary Lou Barebone and her children to Shaw News meet with his father. Barging into Shaw Snr's office, Langdon laid out a portfolio filled with a series of photographic evidence of witchcraft and told his father of his belief that "strange things [were] going on all over" New York and that the people behind these incidents were "not like [them]," certain that he was giving him the scoop of the century.[2] His father and brother both dismissed his claims out of hand.[2]

Langdon later attended his brother's fundraising dinner with his father. When Shaw Jr was in the middle of his speech, suddenly, an invisible force tore through the hall, tossing people aside before violently killing Shaw Jr. Langdon correctly guessed that this was the work of witchcraft.[3]

Langdon was later present the next night when Credence Barebone unleashed his Obscurus all over New York, and MACUSA began magically sealing off the subway entrance where Credence had taken refuge. Having seen magic first-hand, Shaw Snr vowed to exposed wizarding kind. However, as the dawn came, Newton Scamander unleashed Frank the Thunderbird, who created a rainstorm laced with Swooping Evil venom, Obliviating all No-Majs' memories of magic, including Langdon's.[4]

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