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A bunch of lacewing flies

Lacewing flies are small green insects with large, transparent wings. One can buy some lacewing flies at the Magical Menagerie, but has to catch them himself in case the salesperson cannot.[1] Stewed lacewing flies are an ingredient used in the Polyjuice Potion.[2] Lacewing flies are properly stewed in twenty-one days. Lacewing flies are not on the Restricted Register.


In 2020, some Lacewing flies appeared to be missing from the Hogwarts Potions stores.[3]


It appears that these flies have lace-like wings therefore giving them the name "lacewing" flies.

Behind the scenes

  • The use of lacewing flies in the Polyjuice Potion was chosen by J. K. Rowling to represent "an intertwining or binding together of two identities", as suggested by the word "lace" in the name.[4]


Notes and references

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