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Larcarnum Inflamarae is the incantation of a charm that lights cloaks (and possibly other garments) on fire, by shooting a fireball from the tip of one's wand.


Latin inflammo, or the verb inflammatio meaning "to set on fire". Lacarnum, from the Latin “lacerna”, meaning “cloak”.

Behind the scenes

  • This spell is only ever seen in the first film; it was frequently mistaken for the bluebell flames charm of the books, as this spell is the cinematic replacement for that one (in this scene, at the least; in the later scene, bluebell flames is replaced by a spell called Lumos Solem, which is a film-made spell used, based on the etymology, to produce sunlight from the tip of the wand.
  • Although specifically directed for use on cloaks, it is unknown if it would work against the cloak of a Dementor or Lethifold.
  • While the general spell for igniting items is the Fire-Making Spell, this spell is presumably better suited for use on cloaks or other articles of clothing.


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