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Lacarnum Inflamari[2] is the incantation of a charm used to ignite the cloak of a witch or warlock by shooting a fireball from the tip of the caster's wand[1].

Hermione Granger was known to be proficient in the performing of this spell, using it in September of 1991 on her Potions Master, Professor Severus Snape, at a Quidditch game when she believed him to be jinxing her friend Harry Potter's broomstick.[1]


The incantation Lacarnum Inflamari appears to be derived from the Latin lacerna, a noun meaning "cloak"[3], and "inflammare", the Latin verb meaning "to ignite, inflame"[4]. Taken together, the incantation can mean "to set fire to a cloak".

Behind the scenes

  • This spell only appears in the very first film; in the book, Hermione uses Bluebell Flames.
  • It is currently unknown if this charm would work to repel Lethifolds and Dementors; one could presumably use this to burn the creature's cloak.
  • When referring to this spell, J. K. Rowling noted that the spell, if it existed in the canon universe, would be impractical due to the long incantation, especially when fighting off a Devil's Snare.
  • Though her joking tone in the below quote does suggest it, it is not outright confirmed that the spell does not exist in canon, though it would presumably be notoriously of little use if it did.

Author's comments

"Some of the new incantations, such as ‘lacarnum inflamari’ must have sounded more dramatic onscreen – although by the time you’ve managed to say ‘lacarnum inflamari’, you’ve surely lost precious seconds in which the Devil’s Snare might have throttled you. But that’s showbiz."[2]


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