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This article is non-canon.

This article covers a subject that has been deemed non-canon by either the author or the Harry Potter licensees, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" Harry Potter universe.

Lacarnum Inflamari[2] is the incantation of a charm used to ignite the cloak of a witch or warlock by shooting a fireball from the tip of the caster's wand[1].

Hermione Granger was known to be proficient in the performing of this spell, using it in September of 1991 on her Potions Master, Professor Severus Snape, at a Quidditch game when she believed him to be jinxing her friend Harry Potter's broomstick[1].


The incantation "Lacarnum Inflamari" appears to be derived from the Latin "lucerna", a noun meaning "cape" or "cloak"[3] and "inflammo", a verb meaning "torch" or "inflame"[4].

Behind the scenes

Author's comments

"Some of the new incantations, such as ‘lacarnum inflamari’ must have sounded more dramatic onscreen – although by the time you’ve managed to say ‘lacarnum inflamari’, you’ve surely lost precious seconds in which the Devil’s Snare might have throttled you. But that’s showbiz."[2]


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