LATE BREAKING NEWS was the title of an Evening Prophet article written by Ginerva Potter and published on 8 June, 2014. The article reported the kidnapping of Hans the Augurey, Liechtenstein National Quidditch team mascot, by high-spirited USA Quidditch supporters, during the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.


From the Daily Prophet's Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian Desert, Ginny Potter.

High-spirited American fans celebrating their team's historic triumph in the quarter-finals have kidnapped Hans, the Liechtenstein mascot. Hans, a large and gloomy Augurey (a rain-predicting vulture-like bird), has gained a devoted fan following during the tournament. Liechtenstein coach and manager Ferdinand Jägendorf has issued the following statement: 'Das finden wir nicht lustig' ('we don't find that funny').