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"...there was a loud bang and he felt himself flying backwards as if punched; as he slammed into the kitchen wall and slid to the floor, he glimpsed the tail of Lupin's cloak disappearing round the door."
—Lupin uses this on Harry.[src]

The Knockback Jinx is a spell which can be used to physically repel an opponent; the spell is also convenient in the blasting apart of fragile objects and the activation of magically charmed switches. The jinx is described as most 'utilitarian' and is a rather simple spell.

Deflection and teaching

Flipendo can be blocked both by Expelliarmus, and Protego. It is taught to first year students of Defence Against the Dark Arts; the textbook The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection provides the directions on how to cast the spell.

Charging power

In the second year, students learn how to charge up the spell to more powerful levels (without casting the variations). To do so, one must hold their power in their wand and release their magic when the blue spell turns a strange purplish-red colour. Past this point, the spell will backfire in mid-air.


This jinx was taught by Professor Quirinus Quirrell to his first year class in 1991; they later used it to defeat the various imps, fire crabs, and pixies residing in Hogwarts Castle, as well as helping to protect themselves against the monsters in the Forbidden Forest.


Behind the scenes


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