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"Knocks opponent over"
—The spell's description in The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection.[src]

The Knockback Jinx is a spell which can be used to 'knock back' an opponent, blast jars and creatures or activate magically charmed switches. The incantation of this spell is Flipendo. It is considered to be a most basic spell and is described as 'utilitarian'. Chapter One in The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1 and 2 are both descriptions of how to cast and use this jinx. It can easily be deflected by a simple Shield or Disarming Charm. The Knockback Jinx has a more powerful form whose incantation is Flipendo Tria which resembles a miniature tornado.[1]


The Knockback Jinx is taught to first years in Defence Against the Dark Arts. The textbooks 'The Standard Book of Spells' Grade 1 and 2, contain the directions on how to cast and charge the spell. By second year, students learn how to charge up the spell to more powerful levels. The caster must build up the power in their wand and release the magic when the blue spell turns a purple-red colour. Past this point, and the jinx will backfire in mid-air. The spell is capable of defeating the many Imps, Fire crabs, and Pixies residing in Hogwarts, as well as helping defend against creatures in the Forbidden Forest.

In 1993, a book entitled The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection was brought to Fred and George Weasley's Shop on the sixth floor. The book contained information to duplicate the power of the Knockback Jinx and enabled the caster to fire three Flipendo spells at once. The book was bought by Hermione Granger, a Third year Gryffindor, who taught the magic to her friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

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