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Stan Shunpike

"Well, I take care of our customers, right? People come on, I help them with their luggage, give them their tickets. We have a service programme including hot chocolate, a copy of the Daily Prophet, other things like that."
—A Knight Bus conductor discussing the details of his job[src]

The Knight Bus conductor is the wizard who keeps the Knight Bus on time.[1]

The conductor's job includes greeting passengers and handling baggage. The conductor also offers drinks: thirteen Sickles buys a cup of hot chocolate, while fifteen gets a hot water bottle and a toothbrush in any colour.[2] The only known Knight Bus conductor is Stanley Shunpike. However, as the Knight Bus travels both at day time and night time, it is unlikely that there would be only one conductor. Also, when Stan was sent to Azkaban in 1996, it is assumed that another person took his shift.[3]


The conductor wears a purple uniform.

Known conductors


Notes and references

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