"He and Ron followed Hermione down a flight of stone steps, but instead of ending up in a gloomy underground passage like the one that led to Snape's dungeon, they found themselves in a broad stone corridor, brightly lit with torches, and decorated with cheerful paintings that were mainly of food."

This corridor was located on the basement level of Hogwarts Castle, and led to the Kitchens and the Hufflepuff Common Room. It could be accessed via the Entrance Hall, through the door on the left-hand side of the Marble Staircase (when one is coming down the stairs and facing the great oak doors leading outside).[1]

GF 21

The painting that conceals the entrance to the Kitchens

The corridor is broad and brightly lit with torches, with several cheerful paintings depicting, mostly, food.[1] There is a suit of armour in or near this corridor.[2] A few barrels are stacked against the wall in a nook on the right-hand side of the corridor, concealing the entrance to the Hufflepuff Basement: to gain entry, one must tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of 'Helga Hufflepuff', which will make the lid swing open, exposing a passageway that will lead to the basement when crawled through. However, if the wrong lid is tapped or the wrong rhythm is used, the intruder will be doused in vinegar and barred access.[3]

The kitchens, on the other hand, are concealed behind a portrait of a "gigantic silver fruit bowl": to open it up, one must tickle the pear in the portrait, and it will turn into a large green door handle.[1]


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