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Oliver wood 3
Gryffindor Keeper Oliver Wood.
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Keeper is a position in the Wizarding sport of Quidditch. There is one Keeper per team, and it is their job to guard the three goal posts attempting to stop the other team's Chasers from scoring. The keeper also wears the most protection than any oher position, which includes a helmet, shoulder/chest pads and knee pads. This effecti

Team Name
Unknown Grenouille

esult, keepers are typically well-built and athletic players who usually stick close to the goal posts where they can deploy their defensive skills to their fullest capacity.

History of the Keeperg zone in 1620, Keepers generally kept inside this area in order to prevent the opposition from scoring. Keepers are only allowed out of this are

Gryffindor Keeper Ron Weasley in 1996.
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Game of Quidditch
Harry Potter and Snitch
Officials: Quidditch referee
Player positions: BeaterChaserKeeperSeeker
Playing equipment: Beater's batBludgerBroomstickGolden SnitchQuaffle
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