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Jocunda Sykes
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Jocunda Sykes was the first witch ever to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on a broomstick, in 1935. [1] This made her, and the broomstick she flew across the Atlantic with, the Oakshaft 79, famous throughout the wizarding world. [2]

There was a bust of Sykes at the Hogwarts Castle's Entrance Hall, near the stairway leading to the Dungeons. [3]

Behind the scenes

  • Jocunda is possibly the wizard counterpart of Amelia Earhart, who is famous for flying across the Atlantic on a plane, the first woman to do so.
  • In the Danish version of the second game her name is misspelt "Jocunca Sykes".
  • The etymology of her first name, from the Latin for "congenial" or "delighful", is the source of the English jocund, generally suggesting a cheerful and carefree approach to life.


Notes and references

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