"I know a jinx when I see one, Hagrid, I've read all about them! You've got to keep eye contact, and Snape wasn't blinking at all, I saw him"
Hermione Granger regarding jinxes[src]
A Jinx is one of the seven known spell types, affiliated with dark magic and distinguished by their negative effects used mostly for the amusement of observers and the minor discomfort of the victim[1].


Jinxes can also be used in a defensive capacity, and hence students of Defence Against the Dark Arts may learn some of them.

Jinx effects can be removed by a Counter-jinx, and they can be prevented by an Anti-Jinx.

List of Jinxes

Curse Incantation Effect
A Anti-Disapparition Jinx Prevents Disapparition within a certain area
Anti-intruder jinx Repels intruders
B Backfiring Jinx
Biting jinx Causes cursed object to bite the user
Broom Jinx Makes a broomstick attempt to buck its rider off
C Cantis Makes things and people sing
Cascading Jinx Targets multiple enemies
Cracker Jinx Conjures exploding Wizard Crackers
D Dancing Feet Spell Tarantallegra Forces the victim to dance wildly
Drone Jinx Produces undesirably loud noise
Ducklifors Jinx Ducklifors Turns things to ducks
Dumbledore's Army parchment jinx Causes boils to spell "SNEAK" on the face of a traitor
E Ebublio Jinx Ebublio Traps target in giant bubble
F Finger-removing Jinx Removes a person's fingers
I Impediment Jinx Impedimenta Temporarily slows target[[2]
Inflatus Jinx Inflatus Inflates target
J Jelly-Brain Jinx Presumably affects the victim's mental processes
Jelly-Legs Jinx Locomotor Wibbly Collapse legs[3]
Jinx against marriage Makes an individual refuse marriage
Jinx on the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Every Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts cannot stay in the position for more than one year and without suffering an unpleasant fate
K Knockback Jinx Flipendo Knocks opponent over[4]
L Langlock Affixes tongue to the roof of the mouth
Leek Jinx Leeks sprout from ears[5]
Levicorpus Lifts people[6]
Liberacorpus Counteracts Levicorpus
M Melofors Jinx Melofors Encases victim's head in pumpkin
Multi-Shot Jinx Multiple offensive blasts
O Oppugno Jinx Oppugno Assaults target with directed object(s)
Orbis Jinx Orbis Sucks the target into the ground[7]
P Pimple Jinx Furnunculus Boils erupt
Pullus Jinx Pullus Transforms things into chicken and geese
R Revulsion Jinx Relashio Releases the target's grip[8]
S Sea urchin jinx Makes tiny spikes erupt all over the victim[9]
Special Jinx When lured out of the object it appears as a blue floating ball of magic[10]
Stinging Jinx Stings flesh[11]
Stretching Jinx Increases the target's height
T Tempest Jinx Strikes target(s) with lightning bolts
Tentaclifors Turns victim's head into tentacle
Toe Biter Hurts the victim's toes
Trip Jinx Trips victim causing them to fall
U Unidentified yellow pus-secreting spell (possibly) Causes yellowish goo to squirt from one's nose
V Ventus Jinx Ventus Wind[12]
Vermiculus Jinx Vermiculus Turns things into worms

Behind the scenes

  • J.K. Rowling defined jinxes as "spells whose effects are irritating but amusing."[1]


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