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*[[wikipedia:Jimmy Gardner (British_actor)|Jimmy Gardner on Wikipedia]]
*[[wikipedia:Jimmy Gardner (British_actor)|Jimmy Gardner on Wikipedia]]
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[[fr:Jimmy Gardner]]
[[fr:Jimmy Gardner]]

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Jimmy Gardner
Biographical information
Birth name

Edward Charles James Gardner


24 August, 1924
Newmarket, Suffolk, England, UK


3 May, 2010 (aged 85)
London, England, UK





Eye colour


Years active

1964 - 2005

In Harry Potter

Ernie Prang

Jimmy Gardner (born on 24 August, 1924, in Newmarket, Suffolk, England, d. 3 May, 2010[1]) was the actor who played Ernie Prang, the driver of the Knight Bus, in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Jimmy Gardner began acting professionally in the early 1960s and has appeared in countless films and television shows, including: Doctor Who, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones and Finding Neverland. Before taking up acting professionally he was the personal driver to the playwright John Osborne. He also survived two shipwrecks during the Second World War and even once worked as a gravedigger.[2]

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During World War II, Gardner served in the Royal Air Force as an air gunner with No. 10 Squadron. He completed 30 sorties as a Halifax rear gunner and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal.

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