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"Jiggery pokery! Hocus pocus...squiggly wiggly..."
Harry Potter frightens Dudley Dursley with this spell.[src]

Jiggery pokery is a spell that is used to frighten muggles, to the point of causing them to run, screaming and tripping, away.

Known uses

This was one of three spells that were used by Harry Potter in August of 1992 to scare his muggle cousin Dudley Dursley after the latter insulted him and told him he wasn't allowed doing magic.


Jiggery-pokery is a British term meaning "underhand or deceitful behaviour".

Behind the scenes

  • It is never outright stated that this is a spell, although it is written in italics as with other spells and immediately after Dudley begins running, screaming and tripping, so it is a reasonable assumption to assume it is.


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