"​'Only the Seeker may capture the Snitch and any other player catching it will forfeit the game' is a tenet drummed into every schoolboy or girl who plays Quidditch, but Bloncourt appeared to lose his head at this point, wrestling the Snitch out of his undergarments and holding it up triumphantly as though this would indemnify him for the blunders he had made. Haiti was instantly disqualified."
Ginny Potter, "BRAZIL VERSUS HAITI" (Daily Prophet, 15 May 2014)[src]

Jean-Baptiste Bloncourt was a Haitian wizard who played as a Beater for the 2014 Haitian National Quidditch team. During the third match of the 427th Quidditch World Cup, Haiti versus Brazil, Jean-Baptiste Bloncourt showed his ineptitude, and cost his team the championship.[2]


In the first hour of the match, Bloncourt mis-hit a ferocious Bludger, sending it hurtling toward his own teammate, Keeper Lenelle Paraison. Paraison was left with a broken nose.[2] Four hours into the match, the Haitian Seeker Sylvian Jolicoeur came within inches of capturing the Snitch and securing the win, but another of Bloncourt's misaimed Bludgers knocked him out cold. To make matters worse, the Snitch proceeded to get caught up in Bloncourt's sleeve, who incurred in Snitchnip when he wrestled it out of his undergarments and grabbed it. The team was immediately disqualified.[2] Following the match, Bloncourt was reported to be in hiding at an undisclosed location.[2]


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