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The Jarvey resembles an overgrown ferret, and is commonly found in Great Britain, Ireland, and North America. The Jarvey is capable of Human speech, although true conversation with a Jarvey is impossible. The creature uses short, usually rude, statements and phrases in an almost constant stream.

Jarveys live below ground, and their diet consists of moles, voles, rats, and Gnomes. Jarvey are particularly good at hunting Gnomes, and are sometimes employed to de-gnome a garden, although their methods are usually brutal.


A Franciscan monk, Brother Benedict, once had a run-in with a Jarvey in the grounds of his monastery. The Jarvey called him a "baldy", then bit him on the nose so hard that the Monk was excused from Vespers. However, the incident did call Brother Benedict's testimony into question when he relayed it, and the Friar wondered if he'd been drinking Brother Boniface's Turnip Wine.

Newton Scamander was nearly expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1913 due to the illegal possession of a magical beast causing endangerment of human life and violation of animal welfare laws 101/304. The beast in question was a Jarvey. It was witnessed by multiple people, and caused endangerment of human life. Albus Dumbledore defended Newt and the expulsion was not enforced. The British Ministry of Magic Animal Welfare Department were also informed of the violation and required to rehouse the Jarvey.[1]

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