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[[File:JapanQuidditchConceptArt.jpg|thumb|Concept art by Ross Dearsley.]]
*''[[Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film)]]'' {{mentioned on a poster}}
*''[[Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film)]]'' {{mentioned on a poster}}
*''[[Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup]] ''{{1st}}
*''[[Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup]] ''{{1st}}

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The Japanese National Quidditch Team is the team that represents Japan for international Quidditch tournaments. Japan competed in the four-hundred and twenty-second Quidditch World Cup, in 1994. [1]The entire team rode Nimbus 2000s.

It is possible that the team consists of students from Mahoutokoro wizarding school.

Team Special Move

Their Team Special Move is known as The Tsunami (20 points), and involves a lot of spinning, seemingly inspired by martial arts. First, Chaser Noriyuki Sato has the Quaffle flanked by the Japanese Beaters. Sato then does a spinning trick to avoid the opposing players, then passes to Chaser Ryotaro Tanaka, who passes to Yoshihiro Suzuki. Suzuki the punchs one of the beaters and throws It so Sato who kicks it through the middle hoop. Then Tanaka, who is waiting behind the hoop, kicks it to the left hoop where Suzuki kicks it into the hoop.

Quidditch World Cup - Japanese Quidditch Stadium 01

Japanese Stadium


The Japanese Stadium is built in the shadow of an immense Sengoku-era castle, and is surrounded by pink cherry-blossom (sakura) trees, magically kept blooming year-round. It has several huge pagoda-style towers above the regular stands in which spectators can get a spectacular arial view. Instead of a normal qudditch pitch, the matches are held over an immense koi pond, which is bisected by an elegently carved wooden bridge. The goals themselves are made in the style of shrine gates.


The team's emblem is a white circle with a green outer rim containing a red dragon with it's claw upon a Quaffle.


Japanese National Team
Noriyuki Sato Yoshihiro Suzuki Ryotaro Tanaka
  Minaka Takahashi Keiko Takahashi  
Keeper Seeker
Tamotsu Iwamoto Shizuka Watanabe



Concept art by Ross Dearsley.

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