Japan is an island country in Eastern Asia.


Vernon Dursley once made a joke about Japanese golfers in an attempt to impress a possible buyer and his wife for his drill company named Mr Mason. He got very upset when Harry and the house-elf Dobby interrupted it by making too much noise upstairs.[1]

Magical education

Many young Japanese witches and wizards attend the magical school Mahoutokoro.[2] At this institution, wands made of cherry wood are especially prized, and those who own them hold a position of special honour.[3]

Magical government

Japan is governed by its own Ministry of Magic.

Magical creatures


The following creatures are all found worldwide:

Magical games and sports

Quidditch originally introduced to Japan by a few foolhardy students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that were blown off course after attempting to circumnavigate the globe on inadequate broomsticks.[2] Japan has become one of the few Asian countries where Quidditch has achieved great popularity, growing especially over the last century.[5] It has a National Quidditch team that competed at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.[6] They also competed in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, beating Poland and Nigeria, but lost to Bulgaria in the Semi-finals.[7][8][9] They ultimately defeated the United States winning third place overall.[10]

Team Members

Japan's Team Special Move is known as The Tsunami, which involves a lot of spinning and has a bit of a Karate theme. First, Sato has the Quaffle with the Takahashi sisters flanking him, two of the opponents chasers and one beater scream, then Sato does a spinning trick (the sloth grip roll, maybe?) to avoid the screaming players, then Sato passes it to Tanaka, who passes it to Suzuki who kicks an opponent who then throws it to Tanaka who kicks it in, then Suzuki does a dance on his broom.[11]


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