Janus Galloglass was a shop located in Diagon Alley in London, England. It sold a variety of magical mirrors, including scrying mirrors, enchanted mirrors, and haunted mirrors. It also had psychomanteum available for its patrons to use. It was located near Noltie's Botanical Novelties and Praedico Predico.[1]


  • Janus, in ancient Roman religion and myth, is the god of beginnings and transitions. He is usually depicted with two opposing faces, which would suggest something mirrored.
  • "Galloglass" appears to be a portmanteau of Galleon, a wizarding form of currency, and "glass".
  • The name Galloglass is an English translation of the Irish Galloglaigh (gall oglaigh), meaning "foreign young warriors" - which is what the Irish called the Scottish-Norse tribes [1].


Notes and references

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