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"I want to be a wizard."
—Jacob to Newt Scamander in 1926

Jacob Kowalski was an American No-Maj who lived at 435 Rivington Street[5] New York during the 1920s.[6][7]

Jacob fought in the First World War in the 1910s.[8] Returning to the United States, he found work in a cannery, but dreamt of becoming a baker.[6][7][3] On 6 December 1926, he went to Steen National Bank to apply for a loan of $2300,[1] but was turned down. While at the bank he met Newt Scamander, a British wizard who stopped in New York City on his travels to find and document magical Creatures.[6][7][9][10]


Early Life

Jacob was born around 1900. He fought in the First World War before he returned home to the United States of America in 1924 where he found work in a cannery despite hoping to become a baker. By late 1926 he was engaged to Mildred.[11]

Meeting with Newt Scamander

While visiting the Steen National Bank to secure a loan to set up his own bakery, Jacob meets Newt Scamander when he arrived to find the Niffler that had escaped his suitcase. As Newt left suddenly to chase his Niffler, Jacob noticed that he accidentally left his Occamy egg behind. Before he could return it, Jacob was summoned to banker Gilbert Bingley's office. Jacob presented Bingley with his suitcase full of pastries, but Bingley questioned how Jacob would return the loan and pointed out that his proposed bakery would not produce the same revenue as a factory and thus rejected his application. As he left the office, Jacob noticed that the egg was about to hatch and called out to Newt, who pulled the egg, and Jacob accidentally, with a Summoning Charm and Disapparated them onto the stairwell near the bank vault. Just as Newt recaptured his Niffler, Bingley arrived at the vault and, seeing the pilfered deposit boxes, mistakenly assumed that Jacob was trying to rob the bank, and sounded the alarm. Newt quickly placed a Full Body-Bind Curse on Bingley and Disapparated himself and Jacob on the outside of the bank just as the guards arrived. Subsequently, Newt tried to Obliviate Jacob, but the No-Maj unknowingly grabbed the Newt's briefcase, hit him with it, and fled.

When Jacob returned home without a bank loan, his fiance Mildred left him.[11] Shortly afterwards, Jacob placed the case down only to find something protesting inside. As Jacob approached it, the lid opened and loose several magical creatures escape, including a murtlap that attacked and bit Jacob. Following escaped billywigs back, Newt and Tina Goldstein arrived at Jacob's apartment, finding it half destroyed and Jacob unwell due to a reaction to the Murtlap bite. Newt restored Jacob's apartment to the original state, and Tina agreed to take Jacob with them to her place.

Retrieving the creatures

At Tina's house, Jacob met Queenie Goldstein who made them dinner and strudel. In the evening, he watched Newt walk down into his suitcase and followed him after Newt invited him in. He met Newt's collection of creatures and heard about how Newt hoped to care for them as they were rejected by the wizarding world. Jacob wandered through various landscapes as Newt did a headcount of each creature to see which he needed to find. Jacob found an Obscurus which Newt described as a dark entity and advised Jacob not to touch it. They decided they need to retrieve the missing Erumpent first and leave the suitcase.

However, Newt found out that the Niffler had escaped again. As they passed by a jewellery store, Newt spotted his Niffler inside. While Newt furiously chased the Niffler, Jacob noticed that a latch on Newt's suitcase had popped off and by the time he sealed it, Newt and the Niffler fell through the store's glass window. Subsequently, they were confronted by a squad of policemen, who were puzzled by the sight of the Niffler. Jacob then directed their attention to a lion wandering right by them, giving him and Newt the opportunity to Disapparate away.

They soon discover the cause as the Erumpent had broke into the Central Park Zoo and set many of the animals lose, seeking to mate with a hippo. Newt provided Jacob with a helmet and vest to protect himself from the Erumpent and left the No-Maj to hold a vial of Erumpent musk while he performed a mating dance to lure the creature back into his suitcase. Unfortunately, Jacob accidentally spilled musk on himself when he was hit by a fish thrown by an escaped seal, prompting the Erumpent to chase him out of the zoo and into the frozen park pond before Newt managed to contain the Erumpent. However, when they got in the suitcase, Tina, who had followed them, locked them in and took them to headquarters of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, where they, including Tina, were arrested by Seraphina Picquery and Percival Graves.

As he was being escorted by Sam, and Obliviator, to have his memory erased, Jacob was saved by Queenie, who managed to blackmail Sam. Subsequently, they tried to break into Graves' office to retrieve the Newt's suitcase, along with his and Tina's wands; Queenie unsuccessfully failed to use an Unlocking Charm, forcing Jacob to kick down the door. They subsequently ran into Newt and Tina, who had managed to escape execution. Queenie then had everyone hide in the suitcase so she could smuggle them out of MACUSA. They journeyed to a wizarding nightclub where the friends met Gnarlak to find information about an escaped Demiguise. They were forced to flee when Gnarlak turned them in to MACUSA agents who mounted a raid.

They found the Demiguise and the hatched Occamy, which had expanded itself into the size of a dragon. Jacob helped to shrink it by luring it into a teapot with a cockroach.

Following a battle against Graves, Seraphina states that Jacob's memory needs to be erased, giving Newt, Tina and Queenie a moment to say goodbye to him. Jacob then steps into the Obliviating rain, with Queenie giving him one last kiss under a magical umbrella before leaving him standing there alone and confused.

Returning home

Jacob returned home where he set up his bakery (with Newt providing anonymous help by giving him some silver Occamy eggshells as collateral for the bank loan). There, he baked various pastries and confections in the form of fantastic creatures, unconsciously modelling them on the creatures he encountered on his adventures with Newt. He himself was unaware of their origins, claiming that they came to him in dreams .

The whimsical treats proved extremely popular and his bakery did a brisk business.

One day, Queenie visited the shop, possibly sparking Jacob's memories his time with her, Tina and Newt.


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