The Jack Russell terrier is a breed of dog, so named because it was originally bred by Parson John "Jack" Russell for the purposes of fox hunting. It is primarily white, with the occasional black or tan marks.

The Jack Russell is a broad species type, with a size range of 10–15 inches or 25–38 cm. It is an energetic and often considered "dizzy" breed of dog that relies on a high level of exercise, regular activities and stimulation and it is also relatively free from serious health complaints due to its lack of specially bred features.

Ronald Weasley's Patronus takes the form of a Jack Russell terrier. He first used it during a Dumbledore's Army meeting in the 1995–1996 school year.

The Crup, a magical creature similar to a dog, is visually similar to a Jack Russell terrier with a forked tail.

Behind the scenes

  • J. K. Rowling chose the Jack Russell terrier as a sentimental choice for Ron's patronus, because she had a Jack Russell terrier, whom she stated to be "insane."[1]


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