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The Ivorian National Quidditch team is the national Quidditch team of Ivory Coast. The team qualified for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.


Their mascot is a river Genie.

2014 Quidditch World Cup

On 13 April 2014, Norway played against Ivory Coast, winning 340 to 100. Ivory Coast seemed not up to their usual level, and were easily beaten in two hours by Norway. Norwegian Chaser Lars Lundekvam was twice the target of jinxes from wizards still angry about the disaster at the opening ceremony in the crowds, and the match had to be halted twice as security wizards tried to find out the source of the jinxes. Ivorian Chaser Elodie Dembélé scored 7 of Ivory Coast's 10 goals. In the end, Norwegian Seeker Sigrid Kristoffersen beat Sylvian Boigny to the Snitch in the 128th minute.



Ivorian National Team
Elodie Dembélé Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Sylvian Boigny