Ivan Volkov was a Bulgarian wizard who played as a Beater for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team during the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

During the 1996–1997 school year, Volkov's Chocolate Frog Card could be won by beating Kouta Ohnishi at a duelling challenge.[1]


The name "Ivan" is a newer form of the old Slavic name Іѡаннъ (Ioannu), which was derived from Greek Ioannes. This was the name of six Russian rulers, including the 15th-century Ivan III the Great and 16th-century Ivan IV the Terrible, the first tsar of Russia. It was also borne by nine emperors of Bulgaria. Other notable bearers include the Russian author Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883), who wrote 'Fathers and Sons', and the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936), who is best known for his discovery of the conditioned reflex. Ivan is a common name in Bulgaria aswell, with many a famous Bulgarian bearing it.

Volkov possibly comes from the Bulgarian word for "wolf".Volkov with slightly different spelling in Russian means a wizard of sorts. Across the countries of the former Soviet Union it is somewhat common, and in Bulgaria it is quite common.

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