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Isodora Rose's wand
History information

Isodora Rose (possibly)[1]


Isodora Rose

Material information

Wilted (after a long period of non-use)

"Her wand began to wilt, poor thing,
As boredom took away its zing.
Miranda Goshawk, "The Tale of a Lazy Little Witch"[src]

The wand of "Isodora Rose" was purchased for her at a young age. She believed that this wand would be the end to all of her troubles. However, she only cast a few simple spells with it, and the wand soon grew wilted and weak from lack of use. This, combined with the fact that none of her spells worked very well, a fact she blamed on this wand, caused Isodora to forsake the wand and dump it in a local duck pond.


Notes and references

  1. As this wand was purchased for Isodora rather than it choosing her specifically, she may not have ever mastered this wand. However, it did glow in her hands when she first held it, possibly indicating it did choose her at that moment.

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