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Invisibility is the power of being invisible.

Examples of Invisibility


A highly useful skill, Invisibility can be harnessed by Wizardkind, most notably by using an Invisibility Cloak, Invisibility Potion or Invisibility Spell; even a powerful Disillusionment Charm has the potential to achieve invisibility, although that is not exactly the spell's original purpose.

Wizards have also developed the Invisibility Charm, a spell used to render a target area invisible. They also developed the Invisibility Booster, a device which could turn an enchanted car, its passengers, and everything else inside invisible.[1]

There is also a section of books in Hogwarts Library, the books within this section discuss invisibility and are, appropriately, invisible.


Several magical creatures possess various degrees of invisibility. Most notable are the Diricawl (known to muggles as the "Dodo Bird"), a bird native to the Island of Mauritius, and the Demiguise, an orang-utan-like ape, both of whom can turn invisible at will.[2] Poltergeists such as Peeves may choose to be invisible or not,[3] an ability they may share with other non-beings.

Conditional Invisibility

Certain creatures and items can become invisible to certain people while remaining fully visible to others at the same time; while compared to true Invisibility, this ability seems more akin to manipulation of the targets' minds. The most well-known example of this debatable form of Invisibility are Thestrals, a type of skeletal winged horse known for being "invisible" to those who had not witnessed and comprehended Death. Another example was bimetal alchemical thread, a patented wizard-made magical fibre, invisible to practitioners of the Dark Arts. Dementors are invisible to muggles but visible to wizardkind.


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