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Invigoration Draught
Potion information

Energizes the drinker[1]

Difficulty level

O.W.L. level[1]

"...and was pleased to find that when left alone, he was able to concoct an Invigoration Draught quite easily."
—Harry's opinion[src]

The Invigoration Draught was a potion which presumably boosts the drinker's energy.[1] Fifth year students of Potions class were required to brew an Invigoration Draught, which was supposedly rather easy when left alone.[1]

Harry Potter did better than he usually did in the class and felt secure that his correctly-brewed potion would manage to finally earn him an "E". Professor Severus Snape, however, had been angered the previous day and smashed Harry's phial of potion, thereby making it impossible to mark the potion. When Harry made to get a new flask, it was only to find that Hermione Granger had Vanished his potion, having believed him to be finished with it.[1]

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Notes and references

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