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The International Wizarding Police[1] or I.W.P.[2] was presumably a form of international intelligence agency involved with MACUSA and the British Ministry of Magic.


In 1926, the I.W.P. took part in the manhunt for the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, working with the Ministry of Magic.

Behind the sceneEdit

  • It is possible that the I.W.P. is connected to the International Confederation of Wizards.
    • If this is indeed the case, it is possible the I.W.P. primarily coordinates investigations made by the departments of magical law enforcement in the various wizarding governing bodies of the Confederation's member countries into crimes with an international dimension, much like the real world International Criminal Police Organisation or INTERPOL.
  • The choice of naming the organisation "police" is paradoxal, seen as how it outright contradict canon lore of the Harry Potter franchise, in which Ministry of Magic official Amos Diggory is unfamiliar with the term "policeman", which is very odd if there are a law enforcement task force handling large-scale issues of the wizarding world, such as the fight against Grindelwald and his army. One possible explanation is that the I.W.P. had changed its name by the time Diggory began working at the Ministry. Or it could simply be extinct by that point, or else have been replaced by a different organisation.


Notes and referencesEdit

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