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"Harry uncorked his ink bottle, dipped his quill into it, then held it suspended an inch above the smooth yellowish surface of his parchment, thinking hard..."
Harry Potter preparing to write a letter in ink.[src]

Ink is a liquid containing dye(s) or natural colouring(s). When it is used, it produces images and texts on various surfaces and media.

Ink is used in conjecture with quills to write on parchments by wizards and witches in the wizarding world in place of the pens and pencils in the Muggle world. There are several types of inks, such as Azul Marino ink, various forms and types invisible ink, Disappearing Ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, acidic ink, Self-Correcting Ink and Colour-Change Ink. Harry Potter seemed to prefer a scarlet-coloured ink.[1]

Peeves would often shoot ink pellets at Hogwarts students. This would usually only stop with the interruption of angry ghosts or teachers.

Behind the scenes

  • In "The Black Lake" level of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, as Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory swim through underwater tunnels, the Giant Squid cuts through the rock and releases ink, forcing Harry and Cedric to use Lumos Solem in order to find their way to the end of the tunnels.
  • Even though it was not on the list of required equipment that was sent out each year, it is presumed that students would have had to buy ink and parchment (enough to last them until the next holidays).
  • In 1995, Dolores Umbridge had a quill that she made students use in detention but it didn not require any ink as it used the user's own blood and etched whatever is written into the skin.
  • Magical Regulation 572 is a rule issued by the British Ministry of Magic stating that the only ink to be used in examinations is Azul Marino ink. [2]
  • In the wizarding world, ink is not permanent and smudges can easily be erased by using the Smudge-removing spell.
  • Though Harry Potter uses scarlet-coloured ink in the novels, he is seen to use inks of other colours, such as blue or black, in the films.


Notes and references

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