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The Ilvermorny school song was the alma mater of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


(Caw-caw, caw-caw!)

We stand as one united,
Against the Puritan.
We draw our inspiration
From good witch Morrigan.

For she was persecuted
By common wandless men.
So she fled from distant Ireland,
And so our school began.

Oh! Ilvermorny-Massachusetts!
We choo-choose it!
We choo-choose it!
The wizard school supreme.

Your castle walls, they kept us safe.
The days with you, a dream
You taught us all our magic
And now one thing's quite clear

Where'er we roam
Where'er we roam
Our one true home
Our one and own

Is Ilvermorny dear![1]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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