"We enjoyed a spirited game of Kwidditch last Saturday night, though poor Gunhilda was not up to playing Catcher, and we had to use Radulf the blacksmith instead. The team from Ilkley played well though was no match for us, for we had been practising hard all month and scored forty-two times."
Goodwin Kneen to his Norwegian cousin Olaf in a twelfth century letter.[src]

Ilkley is a civil parish in West Yorkshire, in the north of England. Ilkley civil parish includes the adjacent village of Ben Rhydding and is a ward within the metropolitan borough of Bradford.

In the 12th century, a team from Ilkley played a "Kwidditch" match against Goodwin Kneen's team. This match was recorded in a letter from the latter to his cousin Olaf, currently on the Norwegian Ministry of Magic archives.[1]

By the late 1990s, there was a Quidditch stadium on the nearby moorland.[2]

There is a wizarding community in Ilkley: in local parlance, Grypts (that is, Grindylow larvae) are called "Pollywiggle".[3]


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