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This spell was a Human Transfiguration, that turned a human into a bull.

During the international duelling contest in 1379, the first semi-finalist used this spell on himself in his duel against the second semi-finalist. Once transformed into a bull, he proceeded to charge his opponent, who only managed to escape death by turning into a viper and biting the first wizard-turned-into-bull.[1]

If a wizard turns himself into an animal, he is endowed with the animal's brain, and starts thinking like the animal, the only exception being Animagi.[2] Thus, casting this spell on oneself causes the loss of one's mental capabilities, and requires another wizard to cast an appropriate Untransfiguration afterwards.

Behind the scenes

  • As bull is the name for male cattle, it is quite possible that the spell turns female individuals into cows.


Notes and references

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  2. Quidditch Through the Ages, Chapter 1 (The Evolution of the Flying Broomstick)

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