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Horoscope section in a 1995 issue of the Daily Prophet.

A horoscope is an astrological forecast of a person's future created by comparing the relative positions of the planets at the time of their birth to data on upcoming planetary movements, and their Zodiac sign.[1]

On 2 September, 1994, Sybill Trelawney gave her fourth year Divination students the homework assignment of creating a horoscope using the personal chart she had them all draw up in class.[1] Two days later, in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Alastor Moody (actually Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise) caught Lavender Brown showing Parvati Patil her finished horoscope under the desk with his magical eye while he was speaking and scolded her.[2]

By 1995, the Daily Prophet was running a horoscope section on its back page.[3]


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