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Mr Slughorn was a wealthy British wizard born into the ancient Slughorn family, a high-ranking Ministry of Magic bureaucrat in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and the father of Professor Horace Slughorn.[1]

Regarded as a doting parent, he brought up his only son from a young age to believe in the value of the family's connections, and encouraged him to make friends "of the right sort" once he arrived at Hogwarts. While Slughorn's father was never "militant" in his Pure-blood beliefs, he encouraged a quiet belief in the family's natural superiority.[1]

Despite his parents' ambitions for Horace at the Ministry, their son was never drawn to politics, preferring a less taxing existence.[1]

Mr Slughorn and his wife had already died by the time their son retired from teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1981.[1]


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