"A hopping cauldron! A faithful friend to any potioneer, at least until you try mixing fluxweed and Exploding Fluid in them. After that, they tend to be less cooperative."
Zygmunt Budge, Book of Potions[src]

A hopping cauldron is a type of sentient cauldron, so named because it has a single leg underneath the base of the cauldron allowing for locomotion. Hopping cauldrons have a certain degree of personality; while they are faithful to most potioneers, they will lose their faith if unpleasant concoctions are mixed in them.[1]

During his lifetime, Zygmunt Budge owned a hopping cauldron which he used in his potion experiments. It was faithful to him at first, though it became "less cooperative" after an attempt by Budge to mix fluxweed and Exploding Fluid in it. A hopping cauldron, perhaps Budge's own, was included in his masterwork Book of Potions.[1]

Beedle the Bard included a hopping cauldron, known as the Hopping Pot, in his story The Wizard and the Hopping Pot.[2]


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