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(List of Known Treats)
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*Honeydukes Lollipops
*Honeydukes Lollipops
*Honeydukes Milk Chocolate
*Honeydukes Milk Chocolate
*hneydukes Dark Chocolate
*Honeydukes Dark Chocolate
*Honeydukes [[Salt Water Taffy]]
*Honeydukes [[Salt Water Taffy]]
*Licorice snaps
*Licorice snaps

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Honeydukes (WWoHPTP)

The exterior concept art of Honeydukes.

A recreation of Honeydukes shop was built in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter located in the Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resorts. The visitors are able to buy magical sweets of Hogsmeades sweetshop that they have seen in the films.

Concept photo of The Honeydukes

The interior concept art of Honeydukes.

List of Known Treats

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Concept photo of The Hogwarts Castle (Exterior)

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