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Hogwarts Turris Magnus

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Hogwarts Turris Magnus is one of the largest towers of Hogwarts Castle. The Serpentine Corridor, as well as the Lost Wands Store and the Ghoul Studies, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Arithmancy Classrooms can be found inside it.

Behind the scenes

  • This tower can only be seen on the official Marauder's Map replica made by the Noble Collection.
  • The "turris magnus" (great tower) of a medieval castle was usually the largest, most impressive tower of them all. The two largest towers at Hogwarts are the Astronomy Tower and the Grand Staircase Tower. The latter is excluded, as its interiors do not include corridors, but only a huge stairwell. Then, the Turris Magnus may be the Astronomy Tower. However, Hogwarts Turris Magnus can be a third entirely different tower, or another name for the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower.
  • However, it is possible that this tower is the Grand Staircase Tower as it takes the place of the tower on the map and the three towers that form the Headmaster's Tower can be seen attached to it on the map.


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