The school brooms being used for Flying class

"He had been riding one of the school brooms at team practise, an ancient Shooting Star, which was very slow and jerky; he definitely needed a new broom of his own."
—Harry struggles with a school broom[src]

Hogwarts School owned a supply of old flying brooms, commonly known as the "school brooms", including Shooting Stars.

The quality of these brooms was generally derided by the students at the school. In 1984, first-year student Rowan Khanna lamented how the quality of the wood were nothing like that found at his family's farm, and experienced Quidditch players at the school such as Fred and George Weasley noted that they tended to fly too far to the left and vibrate slightly when flown too high. Nevertheless, they were used for training students in flying classes in first year[1] and also by Quidditch players who did not have their own broomsticks.[2]

When they are not in use, these brooms are stored in the broomshed, by the Quidditch pitch,[3] which makes them prone to frosting during the winter months. Rubeus Hagrid, during the course of his duties as gamekeeper, had the responsibility of periodically defrosting the broomsticks, which he did bundled up in a long moleskin overcoat, rabbit fur gloves, and enormous beaverskin boots.[4]

In 1993, Harry Potter ended up having to use one of these brooms, an ancient Shooting Star, during practises for the Gryffindor Quidditch team when his Nimbus 2000 was destroyed by the Whomping Willow and the Firebolt sent to him by Sirius Black was confiscated to endure a stripping-down procedure.[2]


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