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"The picture showed a skinny girl of around fifteen. She was not pretty; she looked simultaneously cross and sullen, with heavy brows and a long, pallid face. Underneath the photograph was the caption: Eileen Prince, Captain of the Hogwarts Gobstones Team."

The Hogwarts Gobstones Team was the Gobstones team at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and, apparently, a distinct body from the Hogwarts Gobstone Club.

Eileen Prince was, concurrently, Captain of the Hogwarts Gobstones Team and President of the Hogwarts Gobstone Club, during her school years at Hogwarts. In her duties as Captain of the Team, Eileen Prince took part in inter-school competitions; an article about which was featured on the Daily Prophet, accompanied by her picture.[1]


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 25 (The Seer Overheard)

Hogwarts Gobstones Team
Known Captains
Eileen Prince
Gobstones players
David Boorman · Felix Brunt · Poppy Caxton · Fay Dunbar · Craig Dunn · Cordelia Gifford · Gryffindor boy · Gryffindor boy's friend · Jason Swann · Gareth Pewsey · Bastien Queensbury · Ivan Renshaw · Arman Shettigar · Vikram Thakur · Nigel Wroxton · Zara Valli

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