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Hogwarts Express at The Wizaring World of Harry Potter

The Hogwarts Express is an attraction in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in The Islands of Adventure. The attraction will be a recreation of the Hogwarts Express and will stand in the Hogsmeade Station in Hogsmeade.

At the entrance of Hogsmeade, billowing steam and an iconic whistle signal the arrival of the Hogwarts Express into Hogsmeade station.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Concept photo of The Hogwarts Castle (Exterior)

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The Actual Ride==

When guests visit Diagon Alley from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, you will reach Kings Cross Station, go through Platform 9 3/4, and board the train. Going to Hogsmeade and back again, you will see (via TV window screens) the scenic views of the English countryside, plus many of the characters and elements showing up throughout.

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