"A horned, frog-headed hunter with a taste for Mooncalves."

The Hodag was a frog-headed creature that was known to exist in the New World.[1] They tend to be drawn to Muggle farms and MACUSA's Department of No-Maj Misinformation works hard to cover up sightings.

Physical traits

It is horned with a frog-like head and glowing, red eyes. It is also roughly the size of a large dog.

Much of the Hodag's magic was contained in these horns; when powdered they would make a person immune to the effects of alcohol and able to go without sleep for seven days and nights. It feeds largely on Mooncalves.[1]


In the 1620s, Isolt Sayre and the Pukwudgie, William took trips together to observe these creatures hunting.[2]

During its search for Mooncalves, the Hodag has been attracted to Muggle farms at night, peaking No-Maj interest and curiosity in it, much like the Snallygaster. The MACUSA Department of No-Maj Misinformation has worked hard to convince the No-Maj community of America that sightings of Hodags were hoaxes. The Hodag is now largely confined to a protected area around Wisconsin.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Hodag is a mythical creature invented by a man named Eugene Shepard in the 1890s. Shepard tricked people into believing he'd captured the beast, generating nationwide publicity before admitting the Hodag was a hoax. The creature remains the mascot of Shepard's hometown, Rhinelander, Wisconsin.


Notes and references