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The Hippocampus is a beast with the head and forequarters of a horse, and the tail and hindquarters of a giant fish, making it somewhat similar in appearance to an over-sized seahorse. Although it is
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Hippocampus as shown on new Pottermore map

generally found in the Mediterranean, a blue roan specimen was caught by Merpeople off the coast of Scotland in 1949 and domesticated.[1]

Hippocampus lay large, semi-transparent eggs through which the young hippocampus, known as a Tadfoal, can be seen.


  • Hippocampus is derived from the words "hippos" means "horse" and "kampos" means "sea monster".
  • The Hippocamp or Hippocampus, like many creatures in the Harry Potter series, is derived from Greek mythology. A Hippocampus-like creature can be seen in the painting "The Chariot of Poseidon" .[2]
  • Hippocampus also refers to a major component of the brains of humans and other mammals. It is what enables the conscious short term memory, and was famously removed from Henry Molaison, when a doctor suspected that removing it would cure his epilepsy.[3]

Behind the scenes


The unfinished Hippocampus model


Notes and references

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