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The Hidebehind is a nocturnal, forest-dwelling spectre-like beast that preys on human-like Creatures. It can shift its shape, allowing it to hide behind almost any object.[1]


Although it has the power of Invisibility, those who have seen it describe it as tall with silver-hair, akin to a skinny bear. Its prey of choice is humans which Magizoologists speculate is the result of the cruelty shown by Phineas Fletcher to the creatures in his power.[2]


The Hidebehind was accidentally created when illegal trader Phineas Fletcher attempted to import a trafficked Demiguise into the New World with the goal of manufacturing Invisibility cloaks. The Demiguise escaped while on board the ship and bred with a stowaway ghoul, and the offspring escaped into the forests of Massachusetts where they still dwell today.[2]

In the early 1620s, a Hidebehind of unusual size and strength was chased away by Isolt Sayre after it had managed to capture a young Pukwudgie. The same Hidebehind was later responsible for the deaths of the parents of Chadwick and Webster Boot, but was later defeated by Isolt Sayre and William the Pukwudgie.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Although they were described as a spectre in their first mention on Pottermore, the Ministry of Magic classifies them as Beasts, given their inclusion into the 2017 edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • The Hidebehind's origin story is similar to that of the Honey Island Swamp Monster, where, early in the twentieth century of Louisiana, a group of chimpanzees escaped from a derailed train and interbred with the local alligator population.


Notes and references

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