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Hermione Granger's letter to Viktor Krum

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Hermione Granger's letter to Viktor Krum
Letter information

Hermione Granger


Viktor Krum

Date of writing

18 December 1995[1]

Delivered via

School owl (presumably)

Ron Weasley: "Who're you writing the novel to anyway?"
Hermione Granger: "Viktor."
Ron Weasley: "Krum?"
Hermione Granger: "How many other Viktors do we know?"
— Ron and Hermione discussing the letter.[src]

This letter was written by Hermione Granger to Viktor Krum, on 18 December, 1995. The letter was very long, over half a parchment in length, and, when finished the tip of the parchment trailed to the floor.[2]


Notes and references

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