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|family=*[[Henry VIII]] (son)
|family=*[[Henry VIII]] (son)
*[[Anne Boleyn]] (daughter-in-law)
*[[Anne Boleyn]] (daughter-in-law)

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King Henry VII of England (28 January, 145721 April, 1509) was King of England from his seizing the crown in 1485 until his death.[1] Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington was a wizard at King Henry's royal court.[2] By the 1990s, there was a portrait of King Henry hung at Hogwarts Castle.[3]


The name "Henry" comes from the Germanic name Heimirich which meant "home ruler", composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, ruler". It was later commonly spelled Heinrich, with the spelling altered due to the influence of other Germanic names like Haganrich, in which the first element is hagan "enclosure".


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