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Henry Shaw Senior was an American No-Maj newspaper magnate and founder of Shaw News.[4] He was the father of Henry Shaw Junior, a US Senator during the 1920s,[2] and Langdon Shaw.[3]

In 1926, he was present at a rally for his elder son's supporters in New York, which was also picketed by members of the New Salem Philanthropic Society.[5][6][7]

While Henry was proud of Henry Shaw Jr, he did not think very highly of his younger son Langdon who he considered a disappointment. When Langdon investigated strange happenings in New York and began to realise there was a magical society living amongst them, he took his story to Henry. However, both he and Henry Shaw Jr dismissed his story.[4]

Shaw's son Henry Jr. was later killed by the Obscurus of Credence Barebone, an event witnessed by him and many others at a dinner. Following this, Shaw Sr. gave credit to his son Langdon's story of strange forces, but his and everyone else's memories of these events were later removed.[8]

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