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"Ladies and gentlemen, now tonight's keynote speaker needs no introduction from me. He's been mentioned as a future President — and if you don't believe me, just read his daddy's newspapers. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Senator for New York, Henry Shaw!"
Announcer at Henry Shaw Junior's fundraising dinner[src]

This fund-raising dinner was hosted by Senator Henry Shaw Junior on the evening of 6 December, 1926,[1] at the New York City Hall,[3] to raise money for his Senate re-election campaign.[2] A white-tie affair, it was attended by hundreds of people, the crème de la crème of New York society.[3]

The hall was ornately decorated with flags and other patriotic emblems; at the far end of the room, behind a stage, was a huge poster bearing Senator Shaw's likeness under a slogan that read "America's Future". Many round tables were scattered accross the hall, where people were seated.[3]

Before dinner itself was served, an announcer stepped to the stage to present the night's keynote speaker, Senator Shaw himself (while, in the process, cracking a joke about the Senator's father's media empire slating him as a potential future President of the United States, and receiving indulgent laughter from the crowd).[3]

Shaw came up to the stage under tumultuous applause and proceeded to deliver a speech about the progress that had been accomplished with Prohibition, and advocating that "the pool halls, and these private parlours" went the way of the "odious saloons".[4] As Shaw was speaking, he was interrupted by a strange, hauting noise coming from the organ pipes at the end of the room; and as he recommenced, the strange noise got louder, prompting the guests to look around for the source of the disruption and worriedly start to mutter to each other.[4]

Suddenly, the chandeliers shattered and the lights went out, just as a huge and bestial rush of wind burst forth from beneath the organ. The Obscurus soared across the hall, sending tables flying and throwing people around as it carved a line toward the stage where Shaw was still standing. The force threw Shaw backwards against his poster, and then raised him up high where he was suspended for just a moment in midair before being thrown violently back down onto the stage, dead.[4]


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