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Senator Henry Shaw Junior (d. 6 December 1926[2]) was a United States senator from New York during the 1920s.[3] He was the son of newspaper magnate Henry Shaw Senior.[4]


Henry Shaw Junior was born in the United States in or before 1890.[1] His father was a newspaper magnate, and he had at least one sibling, a younger brother, Langdon.[4]

Shaw was elected to the United States Senate in 1920.[5] As such, he was his father's pride and joy, while his brother was seen as a disappointment.[4]

In 1926, while running for re-election, he held a rally for his supporters in New York, which was also by picketed by members of the New Salem Philanthropic Society.[4][6][7][8] It was here that he was killed by Credence Barebone, whose powers had manifested, as revenge for calling him a freak during the Second Salemers' visit to his father's office.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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