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{{Giant individual infobox
{{Giant individual infobox
|name=Hengist of Upper Barnton
|name=Hengist of Upper Barnton
|image=[[File:Hengist of Upper Barnton.png|250px]]

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Hengist of Upper Barnton
Hengist of Upper Barnton
Biographical information

before 1441

Physical information




Hengist of Upper Barnton (d. before 1441) was a Giant from Upper Barnton in the fifteenth century. He was killed by the famous giant-slayer, Gifford Ollerton.

Behind the scenes

  • Hengist, or Hengest, was the name of a semi-legendary Jute or Frisian warrior who supposedly answered the call of King Vortigern to fight the Picts, and then became the first King of Kent during the 5th century. He, or other people with that name, was featured both in the epic poem Beowulf (8th to 11th century), and later in the mythology of King Arthur along with a supposed brother, Horsa.
  • The word "Hengest" or "Hengist" is common Germanic for "stallion".


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