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Heliotrope Willis was a witch who lead the activist group Troll Rights Movement. She claimed trolls have a non-violent nature and make excellent guards, but, when her group crashed an anti-troll rally, she was knocked unconscious by their indiscriminate club-swinging.


Heliotrope is a term used to describe a plant which turns to face the sun, derived from the Greek helios, "sun", and tropein, "to turn."[1] In the language of flowers, heliotropes represent devotion.[2] Miss Heliotrope is a character in The Little White Horse, a 1946 novel by Elizabeth Goudge, which was a childhood favourite of J. K. Rowling.[3]

The surname Willis is derived from the given name William,[4] which means "will helmet", from the Germanic elements wil, "will," and helm, "helmet."[5]


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